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Summary: Neighborhood Influences Age of Sexual Debut When Parental Control is Lacking

A study of Chicago youth found that in cases where parents exert little control, age of sexual debut is influenced by the neighborhood community, particularly in poor neighborhoods.

  • Researchers studying Chicago youth found that neighborhood factors were important determinants in age of first sexual intercourse. In cases, where parents were lax in monitoring their children's whereabouts, neighborhood influences were even greater. Youth whose parents do not monitor their whereabouts and who reside in neighborhoods that do not collectively look out for their young people's well-being are at particularly high risk for early sexual activity. The authors conclude that early adolescent sexual behavior, particularly in urban areas, could be curbed by working to develop communities with institutions and opportunities that discourage early sexual behavior, such as after-school programs and recreation centers.1

1Sexual Initiation in Early Adolescence: The Nexus of Parental and Community Control, American Sociological Review, October 2005, Vol. 70.

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